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Sort an array of File objects by last modified date in Java

This is a sample Java method that can be used to sort an array of Java's File objects by the last modified date, either in ascending or descending order.

This page is filed under keyword(s): java.

 * Sorts an array of Files by the last modified date property; if the second
 * parameter is "desc", then sorting is done descending order, otherwise
 * it will be ascending. 
 * @param fList : An array of Java "File" objects, not sorted
 * @return File[] : An array of Java "File" objects, sorted by last modified date
 * @author C. Peter Chen
 * @date 20080527
public static File[] sortFilesByLastModDate(File[] fList, String order) {
	Arrays.sort(fList, new Comparator() {
		public int compare(File file1, File file2) {
			if ("desc".equals("order")) {
				return (int)(file2.lastModified() - file1.lastModified());
			else {
				return (int)(file1.lastModified() - file2.lastModified());
	return fList;

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This page is filed under keyword(s): java.
Author: C. Peter Chen
Last updated: 27 May 2008

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