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Changing Oracle 11g password sensitivity

Starting with Oracle 11g, user passwords are by default case sensitive. Although this is a wonderful security enhancement, this may pose a problem for those upgrading from an older version of Oracle database. If you must revert the case sensitivity setting, ie. making passwords case insensitive, this note illustrates how to do so.

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When I was testing for the planned Oracle 11g upgrade, I was fairly excited about the possibility of being able to add an additional dimension to password complexity by introducing case sensitivity. Unfortunately, after some investigation, I found several legacy applications that were still in use in my environment that either had many hard-coded all upper-case passwords or have program functions that changed all casing to upper case. While introducing case sensitive passwords was definitely a goal for my environment, I also understood that the developers responsible for the applications noted above would not have enough time to make the changes to meet my database upgrade schedule. My solution was to temporarily disable the case sensitivity feature in Oracle 11g, thus I could still proceed with my upgrade, while providing the developers an extra month or two to make modifications to their code to comply with the new security model.

To disable password case sensitivity in Oracle 11g:

alter system set sec_case_sensitive_logon=false;

Again, you should carefully evaluate your situation before disabling this new feature found in Oracle 11g. Password sensitivity may be a great tool in safeguarding your data from the unauthorized.

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This page is filed under keyword(s): oracle.
Author: C. Peter Chen
Last updated: 27 Mar 2009

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